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WSI: Well Established EH&S and Quality Programs

Program Highlights

  • The Cornerstone of our Safety Program is a Strong Behavior Based Program
  • All employees have Personal Safety Action Plans
  • Company is Fully Compliant with ISNetworld
  • Company is Fully Compliant with PEC Premier
  • Have successfully Completed Customer Review and Verification System (RAVS)
  • Employee Training Meets OSHA, DOT, EPA, and Customer Requirements


  • WSI has quality plans in place for inspecting, testing, and repairing equipment
  • Equipment is repaired to OEM Standards
  • All parts used in our processes meet API standards

It is the policy of WSI to provide a place of employment reasonably free from hazards which may cause illness, injury, or death to associates. It is company policy to establish an effective and continuous safety program incorporating educational and monitoring procedures maintained to teach safety, correct deficiencies and provide a safe, clean working environment.

Safety Creed

  • People are the most critical element in the success of a safety and health program
  • Safety is everyone’s responsibility
  • Safe work practices should be reinforced and all unsafe acts and unsafe conditions should be reported and corrected promptly
  • Safety off the job is an important element of the overall safety effort
  • All injuries and occupational illnesses can be prevented
  • It is essential to investigate injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as incidents with the potential for injury
  • Training is an essential element for a safe workplace
  • Safety is a condition of employment
  • WSI Enterprises, Inc. is committed to providing a safe work environment


  • Zero injuries
  • Zero vehicle accidents
  • Zero property damage
  • Zero environmental incidents
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