Experienced enough to meet the requirements of the majors...
Committed to serving the needs of the independents.


WSI offers a wide variety of wellhead equipment

New and Refurbished Equipment including:

  • Wellhead Systems
    • Casing Heads and Tubing Heads 2K to 10K
    • Multi-bowl Systems
    • Conventional (Flanged Configuration)
    • Independent (Threaded Configuration)
  • Valves: 2K to 10K
    • Gate Valves
    • Ball Valves
    • Check Valves
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
    • Tubing Hangers in most profiles
    • Spools of various sizes
    • Drilling Spool Adapters
    • Tubing Adapters (B1 & B2P)
    • Ring Gaskets in all sizes
    • Studs and Nuts in all sizes
    • Cap String Components
    • Seal Subs

*New Equipment Meets API Standards

Click image for larger size

Have questions about your equipment needs?

In Farmington, call (505) 326-0308

In Hobbs, call (575) 391-8100

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