Experienced enough to meet the requirements of the majors...
Committed to serving the needs of the independents.


WSI offers an extensive range of wellhead field services

New equipment installation and existing equipment inspection, testing,
and repair, including:

  • Wellheads: New and Remanufactured
    • Multibowl Systems
    • Conventional (Flanged Configurations)
    • Independent (Threaded Configurations)
    • Field Identification for Workovers
    • Slip Setting
    • Hydraulic Torque Wrench Services
    • Field Welding for Installation of Casing Heads
  • Valves: New and Remanufactured
    • Gate Valves
    • Ball Valves
    • Check Valves
    • Hydraulic Control Valves
    • Maintenance and Greasing Programs
  • Frac Equipment
    • Frac Stacks
    • Frac Isolation Systems
      • Frac Sleeves
      • BO2 Couplers
    • Frac Flowback and Dry Watch
  • Testing
    • Casing and Tubing Mechanical Integrity Testing
    • BOP Testing
    • Frac Assembly Testing
    • Chart Recorder Available
  • Consultation
    • Troubleshooting and Technical Consultation
oil wellhead
oil field services

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